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Intuitive Healer & Life Coach

I’m on a mission! I want everyone to understand how to manifest their best life.  I know to the depths of my being that I can’t do anything else.  I know that you too can bring your dreams to life regardless of the limitations that exist now! Nora Helbich

For over 10 years I’ve been blending science and spirituality to help hundreds of others remove barriers to living the life of their dreams. I use my amazing intuitive gifts to identify what needs to be brought to the surface to be healed.  I help you recognize the blockages, understand what created them, and help to clear the way for expanded living. Often healing and growth happen in record time.

There’s the case of the skeptic with chronic debilitating migraines who showed up to say she couldn’t participate because she was so sick. After 15 minutes of hands-on healing, her migraine was gone. In elated surprise she received a healing and expanded awareness of treatment possibilities.

There’s the client with a 2nd degree steam iron burn reluctantly needing pain killers after a trip to the ER.  She was open to my offer of energy healing.  After a 25-minute treatment, she marveled that the pain was gone.

Or the woman who had lost herself in the lives of others.  She struggled with relationships, prosperity and professional challenges.  With a few intuitive healing and coaching sessions, I was able to identify a few root beliefs that has set the limitations for her life. By bringing light, healing and learning to her issues, she was able to identify and make the necessary changes to create the life she wanted.   A short time later she is now prosperous with renewed, all-time high level of professional success.  She has found true peace within herself and continues moving forward in positive ways.

Oh, there are so many more stories.  My client’s rave about my services.  I know I can help you help yourself too.

Your journey begins with the education necessary for you to understand yourself, your energetic nature and your divine gifts.  You possess all you need to manifest your deepest desires.  I offer self-directed learning modules, individual and group coaching, intuitive readings and healings. In-person services are offering in my space in Albuquerque, NM, nationally or internationally by phone, Skype or Facetime connections.  Start your journey to your new life now!

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Rave Reviews

“I recently had two hypnosis sessions with Nora. I found her to be so intuitive and talented that she knew better than I what I needed to be successful. I was thoroughly pleased and enthusiastically recommend her.”

Paula S.

“On my first reading with Nora, she described my work situation, and emotions around it, flawlessly. She also brought up my spiritual support system and really talked about who I was as a person. We didn’t know one another. I was so impressed with her abilities and insight, I scheduled another reading and again, she was SPOT ON. Nora is the real deal-she gets the entwining of the levels of our personal & professional selves.”

Amy Gordon

“Nora used her exceptional intuitive and healing skills to get to the root cause of my ailments. Her knowledge of the human psyche is impressive. She was able to tap into source information. What she shared with me was/is life changing.”

Penny S.

“I have had several readings with Nora. Each experience has been at a point in my life where the messages she related I so needed to hear. It has brought me such comfort and she is truly gifted. I have also experienced her healing touch which has brought me great relief and peace. She is amazing.”

Doreen C.

“Nora is without a doubt one of the most compassionate and caring people that I have been blessed to know. Her healing touch is truly a gift! I am ever so grateful to have been put in her path as her healing powers are a Godsend. I recommend that everyone share their lives with her as she has so graciously shared her life with us!”


“I recommend Nora on all levels-healing, intuitive, comedian, giver, energy worker and someone who can lead and inspire!”


“Speaking at Nora’s event was a transformative experience. First, I met Nora. Then there were all the other little Angelic incidents that tend to happen during her events. ..not to mention the little, and not so little touches she adds to her workshops to make them truly memorable for years afterwards. For someone who gives and goes to events, the one I wouldn’t want to miss would be Nora’s. Run don’t walk and get yourself a ticket.” Mona Lisa Schulz MD, PhD Physician, Scientist, and Author of The Intuitive Advisor, Awakening Intuition and Co-Author with Louise Hay of All is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Intuition and Affirmations

Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.d., Physician, Scientist, and Author of The Intuitive Advisor, Awakening Intuition and Co-Author with Louise Hay of All is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Intuition and Affirmations

“Nora is an intelligent, gentle individual who has much empathy for others and who is committed to improving the human condition. We’re lucky to have her in our world.”


For years, I have struggled with chronic gynecological issues that significantly affect my activities and work. To date, my doctor has no remedy for me. More than once, I went to Nora because I was in so much pain that I was headed for the emergency room. Nora did a hands-on healing and to my amazement and disbelief, my pain was gone in a few minutes. I have also received remote healings from Nora for the same ailment, and continue to be amazed that the pain gone in minutes. I am thankful for all she has done.


“Nora is a friend and someone who has helped us out, we are a stronger family because of her involvement.”

S.M., Your Content Goes Here

“Thanks for a wonderful experience!. I highly recommend Nora.”


“Nora’s, the best human being you could EVER Find! And as a healer has helped orient me back to my path. As we all know it’s a lifelong endeavor, and to stray is only human. If you’ve got a barrier in your path, Nora knows how to help.Thanks Nora for all you do.”


“Nora is not only an amazing woman, but a very gifted and compassionate intuitive. Her ability to channel messages and teachings from Spirit is unparalleled.
In business, Nora handles each challenge with patience and thought.   Nora’s medical intuitive gifts are beautiful, on point and bring healing.”

Kathy Mercurio, Your Content Goes Here

I met Nora a number of years ago while working on a fundraiser together. What I did not know was that she was a gifted psychic, medium and energy healer. Many a time she would know what I was going through, sometimes calling me out of blue to check in on me. She always offered her help and support. A few years ago, I left a very toxic relationship. Nora, began to help me, with her abilities that were so profound, it has forever changed me. She did a lot of energy healing and clearing on me, that opened me up inside. I begin to connect dots from my childhood and heal and let go of blocks I didn’t even know I had. Her mediumship abilities brought my parents in a times and with their words through Nora, further helped my healing. The process was amazing and fast. By myself, it would of taken years. I owe a lot to Nora and would not be the person I am today if not for her help, support, and magical abilities. Thank you Nora!

Doreen C.

“I recommend Nora on all levels-healing, intuitive, comedian, giver, energy worker and someone who can lead and inspire!”

Rachael M