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I've been helping people heal, grow for over 10 years.  

I'm on a mission to help everyone realize their natural ability to heal and thrive in all areas of life.

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In person services are provided at New Day Healing

Albuquerque, NM.  I also provide distance healing and reading services by phone, Skype and Facetime.  


Intuitive Services

Intuitive and Psychic Services

From Medical Intuition & Energy Healing, to Intuitive Card Readings to Psychic Mediumship, I provide insight and clarity to those issues that are preventing you moving forward with confidence and ease.  

My gifts opened spontaneously 12 years ago, and I've honed my remarkable gifts through training and development.  I provide specific and practical information and suggestions for immediate change and healing.


Life Transformation

Choose Change 
Life Transformation

Do you feel stuck? Are you burdened by the past? Are you held back by limitations, unhealed wounds, trauma drama and dysfunction? 

As an Intuitive Life Coach I use my skills and gifts to help you quickly identify barriers to living your best life. I  provide specific and practical direction, suggestions and services to change your life.

Spiritual Growth & Development


If you're awake and on your healing journey I guide you as a Spiritual Advisor. I educate you on how to be the best expression of yourself to create the life of your dreams.  

Today is a New Day, and the door is open for you to be all that you came here to be. 

How I Help!

Healing the Past


There is no need to carry forward the pain and limitation of the past any longer.  I help you to identify and remove barriers to living your greatest life. 

Experience Every Day in a New Way!

Transform Your Reality


When you understand yourself, your world and your life from a fresh perspective grounded in science & spirituality, you can take charge of your life and create the life of your dreams.

Achieve Greater Self-Understanding and Healing

Achieve Your Goals


With practical and specific intuitive coaching I guide you to identify goals and teach you how to implement change to reach your highest potential in life expression.

Live your life as a blended-being.

Choosing Change - Reclaiming Life After Childhood Trauma


Choosing Change - Reclaiming Life After Childhood Trauma by Nora Helbich

So here's my story...a book I wrote in 2018 that describes my journey through childhood trauma, drama and dysfunction to this beautiful life as an Intuitive Healer. 

Trauma Recovery Support

I help women who have experienced childhood trauma, drama and dysfunction reclaim their lives.  

I help you to realize & change the limitations that your experiences created in your mind and body.  Together we help you release the past, recondition the present and reclaim your future.

It's not too late to start living the life of your dreams filled with empowerment, confidence, safety, peace and joy.

Don't delay!  Start today!

Conscious Empowered Living


If you're awake and on your path, I help coach and educate you on how to be the best expression of yourself & to create the life of your dreams.  Today is a New Day, and the door is open for you to be all that you came here to be. 

Live Your Potential!

About Me

Changing Lives Every Day

More than 10 years of experiencing helping over 1000 clients heal, grow and transform their lives quickly.

My Gifts, Skills and Training

In 2008 I experienced a spontaneous awakening that allowed me to feel the energy of pain in the body and mind of others.  

In the years since, I studied several certified energy healing modalities, extensive psychic development, intensive mediumship development with teachers in US and UK. 

I studied Medical Intuition with Mona Lisa Schulz, MD, PhD.. Certified in Hypnosis with Patricia MacIsaac, CHT, -NGH and educated myself through scientific, medical and psychology research and findings.  

First Hand Knowledge & Practical Instruction

Through this journey of healing and awakening I have come to understand how to develop the natural abilities to create your reality.

I know first hand the challenges of life and what it takes to overcome them.  I can help you know yourself more intimately. With greater understanding of your dynamic nature , you are equipped with everything you need to have everything you want.You are more than your past experiences!  You are more than you understand yourself to be!

I help you learn how to tap into your natural gifts and design the future that's been waiting for you!

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Reviews & Raves

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“On my first reading with Nora, she described my work situation, and emotions around it, flawlessly. She also brought up my spiritual support system and really talked about who I was as a person. We didn’t know one another. I was so impressed with her abilities and insight, I scheduled another reading and again, she was SPOT ON. Nora is the real deal-she gets the entwining of the levels of our personal & professional selves.” Amy G – Intuitive Reading Client

"Nora is an incredibly special person who has the ability to lift the human spirit. I found Nora during a very difficult period in life. She was instrumental in helping me change my life. It's hard to put into words how special and supportive Nora is. I think of her often and still use the tools that she gave me for living my best life. Nora's gift of healing is something I hope many people can experience." Kristin H. - Coaching Client

"Nora is amazing! She intuitively zeroed in on my problem – chronic hives- and was able to provide the causes and avenues of healing. I know I can trust Nora with any problem. She responds with compassion and otherworldly knowledge. Thank you Nora!" Paula S. - Medical Intuition Client

“Nora is without a doubt one of the most compassionate and caring people that I have been blessed to know. Her healing touch is truly a gift! I am ever so grateful to have been put in her path as her healing powers are a God send. I recommend that everyone share their lives with her as she has so graciously shared her life with us!” M.D. – Intuitive Healing Client

“Nora’s, the best human being you could EVER Find! And as a healer has helped orient me back to my path. As we all know it’s a life long endeavor, and to stray is only human. If you’ve got a barrier in your path, Nora knows how to help.Thanks Nora for all you do.” Ray R. Life Coaching Client

“Nora used her exceptional intuitive and healing skills to get to the root cause of my ailments. Her knowledge of the human psyche is impressive. She was able to tap into source information. What she shared with me was/is life changing.” Penny S – Intuitive Healing Client

Read more Testimonials here.

Learning & Growth

Seminars, Workshops & Events

I believe that education is the foundation to self-understanding, healing and growth.  I host engaging and informative experiences that help you to live your greatest potential. 

This “In-person” model helps you become part of the experience and energy of the session. Information can then unfold naturally, specific to the needs of those present. That’s something that can’t be obtain in online or self-study classes. Students often experience healing moments at New Day Healing events.

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