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Grow Your Own Way

COMING SOON! – Help Yourself – Rediscover You!

This self-directed learning series offers you a progressive learning course about the dynamic nature of your consciousness, your physical body and your mind.  These online presentations will guide you from the beginning basics of understanding our true nature as creative beings and practical information and steps that you can take to empower yourself, awaken your consciousness and bring your dreams to life. This is a strong strategy for independent learning and growth.

I strive to guide you in learning and understanding how to use your divine essence, natural gifts  to open your mind, release old patterns of thinking and behavior; learn the inter-dependencies of the world around you and how to utilize this energy to heal and change your life.

These presentations are essential for basic understanding and practice of an awakened life.  If you’re curious about all this energy stuff, recently awakened or just looking to put some of the pieces together, this is a great place to start.

Help Yourself Series, is a program designed to bring greater understanding and conscious expansion.  You can develop the practice and skills to live a limitless life of your dreams.

Level 1 – Learn the Basics Concepts of Awakened Consciousness, understand the fluid and dynamic human energy field, and more.  Each session includes a pre-recorded presentation and guided meditation on progressive topics. These self-directed presentations will take you through progressive expansion in your creative consciousness as you begin to understand how it all works and how you can tap into these energies for healing and awaken your dreams of the life you’ve always wanted.  You can have it. You can do it, You can be more. Your life can be more fulfilling.

Level 2 – Start to look closer at interdependent topics and build your understanding and skills. This will start to type together learning from Level 1 and prepare you for level 3.

Level 3 – Take an indepth look at specific topics, allowing you to hone your understanding and development to change the way you live, the success you achieve, improve relationships and take full responsibility for creating your life in a way that supports your goals and dreams while contributing to uplifting the world around us.

Specific learning objectives can be found in the details of each level.