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Groundhog Day – Living the Loop

So, it might seem like a strange title for this blog given that Groundhog Day was two weeks ago.   It’s also a funny thing, because almost everyone has seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and the mere mention of it, makes people smile or laugh with the recall. It made me laugh, but then I’m easily amused. Today, I finally got around to skimming the Time magazine that arrived several days ago.  Yep, that’s me, just a skim and always after the fact.   Now, right there, on Page

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A Balancing Act

I’m no gymnast but I certainly understand the important of balance in life.  Like most people I’ve ‘fallen off the beam’ more than once in my life and have come to understand that all forward movement requires the art of balance. I’ve often marveled at the young gymnasts; their ability, the agility, the flexibility.  That's never been me.  My muscle type is high-tone, which means there is too much tension in the muscle at rest.  In other words, the muscle is tight and tense even though it is not doing anything. 

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Eclipsed It was 5:00 a.m. and much earlier than I normally rise. But this wasn’t just another day. It was worth it. At the time I didn’t understand how it could be, but it wasn’t long before the gift was illuminated within me. This once-in-a-lifetime Super Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse was happening now and I was finally in a location to see it. Just another reason why I love Albuquerque & New Mexico! It was such a gift! The moon hung suspended directly in front of my large picture

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Leaving a Mark

El Morro - The Headland More than four centuries ago, a then modern-day traveler crossing west through what is now New Mexico, was suffering from the long travel across the high dessert. In search of relief from the relentless sun and lack of water, he sought the shade of a giant sandstone bluff to rest, or possibly prepare himself for the end his journey in life. As if by divine guidance, as he lay himself down, he turned his head, and as if a mirage, we spied a hidden oasis

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The Memory of Light

Light Among The Ruins - Ruins at Jemez Springs Each year, right around the Christmas Holidays, The Ruins at Jemez Springs, New Mexico hold an annual event Light Among the Ruins. They caretakers of this historical site, setup hundreds of luminarias, or farolitos throughout the site. The site has several adjoining buildings including the ruins of the 17th century stone San José de los Jemez church. First this tiny village prepares and lights these tiny magical lanterns, then they open the site for visitors. I had the pleasure of experiencing

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Where are you now?

Heellllooo from New Mexico. Flying High! We’ve been traveling around the US and Canada since August 2016 looking for where we wanted to set down some roots for the next phase of life.   You may have been following my travels on Facebook where I shared some highlights of the many special places we were blessed enough to visit.  I won’t say it was luck, because we made the choices to experience what we wanted. At present, we’re settling into Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Hot Air Balloon capital of the world. 

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