About Nora Helbich

10 years ago my life changed dramatically. I began Living the Dream! In one spontaneous moment I placed my hand on another and began to feel energy moving. This person reported their chronic pain diminishing to imperceptible levels within minutes. After years of living in chronic pain scoring 7-10 every day, all day, within minutes her pain was virtually gone. As we continued to explore this every day thereafter the experience was the same. Gradually the pain was nearly completely gone and this person found the strength of body/mind/spirit to live again.

At this same time I opened to a level of psychic awareness I only ever dreamed of. All of a sudden I started to know things. I felt like I was receiving information in my head that I had no way of knowing. I thought I might be losing my mind. Of course, I did what any normal person would do…I freaked out a little because I didn’t understand how my life was expanding.

I’d been living a life I thought I understood, boxed into my beliefs about my life, myself and my world. I had resigned myself to the idea that if lucky, I’d find some measure of happiness with the course of my life and I’d find a way to settle in to doing work that I didn’t love even though it provided for me and my family. I figured I’d come to understand the pain of my experiences and maybe someday I’d forget all what happened to me. I trusted that I would become wise with old age and looked forward to those golden years when it would all make sense.

I was wrong! Wrong about just about everything in my life. My life was not a series of events that happened to me but the platform from which I can launch my desires. My body/mind became an integrated part of my life and I explored new ideas in an expanded ways. I started to follow my own intuition and learned to trust it. I learned how to forgive myself and others. I had come to understand I was meant to help people. I began to understand that my challenges were my greatest opportunities for growth.

I studied new healing modalities that Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing, and Hypnosis. I developed a toolbox of healing aids. I opened an office on faith that I could help people. I’ve been helping hundreds of people ever since by blending these gifts and skills.  I look for ways to help others also living under the veil of darkness and fear. I strive to help others not yet aware of the magnificence of life.

If you’re feeling like you want to learn more about yourself and your divine capabilities, and you are willing to take deliberate and intentional steps toward healing your mind, body and spirit, then give me a call.  I’m sure that together we’ll experience something wonderful.