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In early 2009 I had a spontaneous psychic opening to the healing quantum energy field.  Suddenly I seemed to 'know' things and could 'feel' blocked energy in people's body.  Placing my hands on the area seemed to reduce/remove chronic pain and it all started there.

Despite being a seeker all my life, I never imagined this would happen to me.  Prior to this awakening, I was not a very-happy camper.  Challenged with a very traumatic childhood, problems with money, relationships, and self-esteem, I was sometime quite angry, rigid, and generally unfulfilled.  I believed that life was hard, unpleasant and that if I could eke out even the smallest amount of peace or joy I was lucky.

Looking around I wondered how my life had transformed so much! Intuitive Healing - It’s the craziest thing! I could never have imagined this would happen to me or that I would have the capacity to help others in ways that often neither of us can put into words. They often can’t describe it specifically, yet clients report I’ve helped them dynamically transform their life, their thoughts, their health, their outlook, their relationship, etc. Seven years later, I'm happy, and grateful, with a greater understanding of myself and my life. I've healed the major issues from my early life and I truly believe life is beautiful.  I'm amazed & in awe of the quantum energy field, its inhabitants and the delightful and delicious journey that is this thing called Life.

On a more formal note, after my spontaneous opening to these divinely-inspired, intuitive and healing abilities, I pursued an intensive education in several different healing modalities. I'm certified in The Reconnection Healing process, and Theta Healing. I'm an advanced psychic medium and trance channel after studying intensively for several years.  I'm a certified Consulting Hypnotist and Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.  I am an Intuitive Tarot Card reader providing accurate, timely and inspirational readings. Additionally, I'm fascinated with the research and study of sound healing and its effects on the physical and energetic body.

In all simple truth, I'm guided by a personal purpose and mission to be of service to others, to help others find their way to their truth and joy.  For many decades of my life I believe that happiness wasn't something available to me.  I struggled with challenges of dysfunction, trauma, unfulfilled relationships, financial lack, and untold hours of personally created drama.  I didn't feel worthy, or deserving or even open to the idea that life could be happier, or that I could find peace.  Since my awakening, and extensive healing work, I strive to help others not yet aware of the magnificence of life.  If i can find happiness, peace, joy, love, health and service, then anyone can.  If you're feeling like you want to learn more about yourself and your divine capabilities, and you are willing to take deliberate and intentional steps toward healing your mind, body and spirit, then give me a call.  I'm sure that together we'll experience something wonderful.